About Cine de Libertad/Free Cinema Workshops

The Cine de Libertad/Free Cinema Workshops offer free instruction to at-risk and underserved teens in the Monterey Bay Area. Taught by CSU Monterey Bay Film majors under the guidance of faculty members Steven Levinson and/or Enid Baxter Blader, the workshops are typically 5-6 weeks. Equipment, snacks and transportation are provided.

The workshops take place during the Fall and Spring semesters at sites including:

  • Salinas Juvenile Hall
  • Salinas Community School
  • The Boys and Girls Clubs of Seaside and Salinas
  • First Tee Monterey
  • South Monterey County Center for Arts and Technology
  • Community Hospital of the Monterey Pennisula
  • Big Sur Community School
  • Monterey County Public Libraries
  • and others.

Films created at the workshops are featured at the Monterey Bay Film Festival, First Film Monterey, The West End Festival, and Carmel Shorts Cinema at the Forest Theater. The films are also distributed free to educators, nationally.

Through the Broadband Opportunities Partnership Program of Monterey County, the Monterey Bay Film Society also presents special community workshops and events our upcoming visiting artists.

For more information about the films and workshops, please contact Juan Ramirez, Community Outreach Coordinator.

We'll be providing workshops to kids, youth and parents. For More information, please contact: megan@mcaet.org

Number of students served:

To summarize below, we have served 684+students in one year not including the kids we served at the festival because we didn't get a count. That is just from December 2010 to December 2011. We have served a total of 9,379+ service hours!

Service learning Fall 2011: 109 For 6 weeks+ 3-4hrs a week = 1,962 service hours
Brent Green Screening with Opp Program: 17 students for 2hrs = 34 service hours
San Lorenzo High school: 38 for 4 hrs = 152 service hours
Imagine College: 90 students for 25hrs a week = 2,250 service hours
Migrant Youth - Junior Otters: 40 students for 3 weeks 10hrs of training a week per student = 1,200 service hours
Service Learning Spring 2011: 125 students for 6+ weeks 4hrs = 3,000 service hours
Watsonville Video Academy: 15 for 4 hours = 60service hours
Morgan Hill presentation: 52 for 2 hours = 104 service hours
Rodrigo Garcia's workshop: 15 for 3hrs= 45 service hours
Avid conference: 103 for 4hrs = 412 service hours
Migrant Youth Day: 80for 2 hrs= 160 service hours


Good morning girls,

Wanted to let you know what an incredible experience Dominic had. He came home excited and happy after every class...and looked forward to the next one! He said it was one of the best experiences he's had and is very Grateful that he was able to participate.

Thank you for contributing your time and efforts to our youth...not just Dominic, but for all of the young people you have touched. I would wager they had a great experience as well.

Dominic mentioned the music video class and is very excited about that one too.

I won't take up anymore of your time...but really wanted to let you both know what a positive experience it was for him.

Thank you for the opportunity you gave him!
Diana Croslin,
Grateful mom

Good Morning Enid and Juan,

Wow, what an amazing experience for our students to participate in this unique lecture by Brent Green. Your willingness to include one of the most marginalized groups on SHS campus was fabulous. Asking the students to come up and have a conversation with Brent made each of these students feel like they had a voice.

It is my hope that we can continue our partnership and that one day these students will tell their amazing stories for others to be inspired by them.

Thank you.

Hi Steven,

I'm writing to express my appreciation and respect for your students Renee Infelise, Monica Fisher and Tomas Reyes. These students were able to successfully lead a sizable group Salinas teens (10 average) through the challenges of making a short film. They did this with the added difficulty of losing their meeting place (Cesar Chavez Library closed Oct. 24th) in the middle of the workshop. I feel their success under these circumstances can be only attributed to their commitment to maintaining strong communication and their complete dedication to the completion of this project. These are the best CSUMB students I've worked with. They have sparked the creativity of the Salinas teens they instructed and have inspired them to continue learning about and making films. I feel this is what it's all about! Thank you for sending these three students to us. I'm look forward to sharing the success of this project with the library staff and the Salinas community.

Best Wishes,
Salinas Public Library

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